What does coca cola Starlight taste like

Coca-Cola, the world’s number one leading beverage company, surprisingly come out with a unique way to enjoy the drink.

Like Starlight, their limited edition drink makes people curious, “what does Coca Cola Starlight taste like?”- It obvious we are one of them too.

It has a cherry wine-like color and is space-flavored. 

Stay with us; we will do a detailed review of The Coca-Cola Starlight of Coca-Cola Creations line. 

What is Starlight Coca-Cola?

Starlight Coca cola comes under the Coca-Cola Creations line- A limited edition drink introduced on February 21, 2022, and discontinued on August 1, 2022.

The main aim of this sparkling drink is inspired by space and wants you to feel “you’re among the stars.” 

Starlight is popular with other names in different countries like in South Korea “Coca-Cola Stardust,” in Thailand “Coca-Cola Starshine,” in the UK- “Coca-Cola Intergalactic- only Zero Sugar variant”- The flavor and taste are similar.

What does coca cola Starlight taste like?

As you know, it’s hard to grab one can while it’s a limited edition. So fortunately or unfortunately, we get just one 20 fl oz bottle.

And we tasted… Just wow…

So, Does Coke Starlight taste good?- Yes. It is. No doubt about that.

Let’s start the starlight coke flavor review…

In the very first sip, starlight gives you a bursting of raspberries, with hints of vanilla s’more. Within a few seconds, a subtle cooling sensation gives tingling. It didn’t have the same fizz as a standard Coke.

But why do other people say that Starlight tastes like space?- Because of the 2009 study. 

In 2009 a study assumed that the center of space or Galaxy tastes similar to raspberry and smells like rum. (source

While we ask other people about the Starlight taste, some of them compare it with vanilla cotton candy; one of our friends finds it similar to marshmallows with strawberry.

So we request some others and their experience with space-flavored Coca cola Starlight- the answer comes out with a fruit bowl like raspberry, flavored cotton candy, and more. Although, they don’t feel they’re among the star.

A maximum of them says sparkling raspberry beverage with famous Coca-cola taste with a cooling sensation, which makes Starlight more unique.

It feels “sort of like minty cotton candy drizzled with vanilla,” according to Food Network’s Aly Walansky.

If you know someone who has had The space flavored Starlight Coca-Cola experience, share with us how they felt.

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What is in the Coke Starlight?

  • · Carbonated water
  • · Natural flavor
  • · Carmel
  • · Caffeine
  • · High Fructose corn syrup
  • · Veggie and fruit juice for the unique color
  • · Phosphoric acid
  • · 1 serving can contain 90 calories.

What does coke zero starlight taste like? 

Coke zero Starlight has a similar taste to Starlight the raspberry, similar to relaxing around a campfire. Still, it does not contain any sugar or calorie. Which is also named in the UK “Coca-Cola Intergalactic.” 

Does Coca-Cola Starlight taste like graham crackers?

Not that much, but it is similar to s’more.

Is Coke Starlight cotton candy flavor?

Some experience tasters describe coke Starlight as a cotton candy flavor, but actual is raspberry-like.

Is Starlight Coke cherry vanilla?

We don’t think Starlight has cherry vanilla, but you can get a hint of vanilla.

What fruits and vegetables are in Coca-Cola Starlight?


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What Flavor Is Space-Flavored Coke? 

Space-flavored coke has raspberry with a hint of vanilla.

What’s the difference between Starlight Coke and regular Coke?

It is not as fizzy as regular coke, and it is fruitily flavored, which is not found in regular coke.

Does Coca-Cola Starlight Have Alcohol?

No. Coca-cola Starlight does not have alcohol in it.

Does Coca-Cola’s new flavor taste like dreams?

No. Both Coca-Cola dreams and Starlight have unique and different tastes from each other.

Starlight has space flavor, and dreamworld has cotton candy.

What does Coca-Cola’s Byte taste like?

Coca-cola byte taste like a grape flavor with a sparkling cool drink.

Is Starlight Coke only zero sugar?

No, Starlight launched with both regular and zero sugar variants. So zero sugar has no added sugar, but the regular one has 24g of sugar per serving, which is 49%.

Coca-cola starlight, where to buy it? 

Coca-cola Starlight is a limited edition drink that stops production on 1st august 2022; if it comes with another batch, you can get it from their own website or amazon.

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