About Us – The Taste Revealer Family

Hey Folks, this is Riya & my Husband Saikat writer, and editor of Taste Revealer. Maximum of the post written by me. We dated for 8 years and get married last year. We quit our jobs and started traveling around the world. We love to eat food like any food, and always want to experience every culture, cuisine, and more…

Food has been our life and passion for most of our lives; it’s incredible. But we didn’t pursue a career as a chef or something like that.

However, keeping tasting new foods as an obsessive hobby has worked for us, and we enjoy it so much that you can’t imagine- our passion develops with the years- maybe

I wouldn’t say the same if it was also my day job! So we come up with this as our favorite platform to tell you guys, what food tastes like in different recipes or raw forms.

Aim of Taste Revealer

Foods are the most versatile things everyone knows about, but for those new to tasting that particular dish or food or fruit some popular drinks, what does that taste like for them?

Like kimchi, it is rapidly becoming a popular Korean food item worldwide. What does kimchi taste like? When you ask people about the taste, they all have different answers. You get confused about whether it is good or bad, whether should you try it or not, and so many questions pop up in your mind.

There’s come Taste Revealer, We genuinely answer and tell you guys exactly what to expect when it comes to the food you want to know about. So keep coming and helping others who wish to try new foods, and just back up for the unknown taste.

Thank you.

I hope you find everything you want to know and be inspired by our writing – and we’d love to hear from you if you have anything to share.

Food fulfills the soul, so eat up!

Disclaimer- We are not professional taste or food experts. We just eat and review any food from our personal experience. 

Our main aim is to deliver a genuine flavor or taste that people are curious about. We don't claim that the food is safe for all, if you're supposed to be allergic form certain food then better stay away from them. 

We have no longer related to any medical conditions or the particular foods' nutritional profile. If we recommend the food then it will safe to eat. 

If we do not urge it then it is totally your responsible whether you consume the food or not. We are not responsible for any medical or health issues. Thank you.