What does Soju taste like – Does soju actually taste good?

Soju is the most famous alcoholic drink in South Korea and worldwide. It is made from distilled rice or barley and potatoes and has a light, refreshing taste. But does soju actually taste good? 

Look deeper at this Korean booze and see how soju tastes for beginners.

What kind of alcohol is soju? What is the flavor of soju?

Soju is a distilled alcoholic beverage from Korea typically made from rice. However, there are also variants made from wheat and barley, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. 

It typically contains roughly 20% alcohol, while some types can have up to 45%.

Soju is clear in color have a hint of green tea or ginseng.

Soju is also commonly used in Korean cooking, both as drinking alcohol and as an ingredient in dishes like soju jorim (braised soju) and soju kimchi (kimchi stew).

Some of the most well-known brands include Chamisul, HiteJinro, and Lotte Chilsung. Many premium soju brands are made with higher-quality ingredients. They are aged for longer, such as Andong Soju and Daegangso.

Now your most wondering question…

What does Soju taste like for a Beginner?

As you know, tasting some drink or food somehow depends on that person who takes that. So, you may hear a different taste of opinion.

As a beginner, when I taste soju, I feel like a mild version of vodka; same time, my husband says, “It has a perfect balance of sweetness and crisp taste.” 

For those who are new to soju, the taste can be relatively surprisingly smooth, less harsh, and crisp with a sweet aftertaste. Although the alcohol you don’t feel right after consumption, a few minutes later, you got a slight “burn” to it, similar to whiskey.

However, some brands of Soju can be quite strong; try mixing Soju with some fruit juice or soda to make it more palatable if you find the taste too harsh. 

Is soju bitter?

I don’t think so, The taste of soju can vary depending on the type of grain used to make it, but it is generally quite subtle, with a slightly sweet and slightly bitter flavor.

Some people find the taste of soju to be unpleasant, but others enjoy it. So try yourself and tell me what you find.

What does fresh soju taste like?

Fresh soju is made without any artificial flavors or colors. It has a light, clean taste, slightly sweet, and a little like alcohol. It is smooth and easy to drink.

Soju also has a unique sweetness that sets it apart from other spirits. 

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Let’s check what flavored soju tastes like

What does strawberry soju taste like?

Strawberry soju tastes sweet and slightly tart, like a cross between strawberries and candy. It’s excellent for summer days or as a refreshing after-dinner drink. 

Serve it over ice or mix it with lemonade or club soda for a delicious spritzer. It is a delightful way to quench your thirst.

What does yogurt soju taste like?

Yogurt soju is a newer variation of soju that contains yogurt extract. This gives the drink a milky white color and a slightly sweet flavor. 

For me, the taste of yogurt soju is similar to that of very sweet wine with a yogurt flavor. While my friend describes it as tasting like a cross between vodka and lemonade. 

In general, Yogurt soju is a drink made with yogurt, soju, water, and sugar. It has a sweet and tangy flavor and is typically served cold.

What does Jiro’s soju taste like?

Jinro soju tastes like a light, clean alcohol with a slightly sweet aftertaste, more similar to gin. It is soft and comfortable to drink, making it a popular choice for bars and clubs in Korea. 

Jinro soju is also one of the most affordable soju brands, contributing to its popularity. You may find it is less harsh than other types of soju. The best part is that its a relatively low alcohol content.

the image explain about soju drink which is water in colour and have crisp tatse

What do soju and beer taste like?

Many people enjoy mixing soju and beer together to create a drink with a more complex flavor profile. This popular beverage is called a somaek and is often served at parties or other social gatherings. 

Especially, Soju beer is not the cup of my tea. It has a foamy texture and a slightly bitter taste.

What does soju with Yakult taste like?

Soju with Yakult is a popular drink in Korea and other Asian countries. The combination of soju (a distilled alcoholic beverage) and Yakult (a fermented milk drink) results in a sweet, slightly sour, and slightly alcoholic beverage. 

Soju with Yakult is a sweeter version of vodka or rum. I find it reminiscent of a fruity liqueur. We love the taste of Soju with Yakult taste; it is tasty and refreshing, perfect for summer and beach time. 

I highly recommend you give soju with Yakult a try – you may be surprised by how much you like it!

What does charm soju taste like?

Charm soju is a type of soju that is known for its sweet taste. It is made with rice and fruits and has a lower alcohol content than regular soju. 

The alcohol content of charm soju can vary, but it is typically between 15 and 20 percent.

Charm soju is often enjoyed as a dessert wine, and you can find it in many Korean restaurants.

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Compare the soju taste with other similar beverages.

Does Soju Taste like Beer?

Soju does not really taste like beer. However, you can make a beer cocktail. To make a soju beer cocktail, simply mix soju with a beer in a 1:1 ratio. 

This will give you a refreshing drink that is perfect for summertime.

Does soju taste like Vodka?

Yes, Soju tastes reminiscent of a milder version of vodka. 

Soju is usually clear but also be found in various other colors, including green, yellow, and red. 

Does soju taste like alcohol?

Yes, soju does taste like alcohol. However, the taste can alter depending on the brand and how it is made. Some say that soju tastes like vodka, while others say it has a sweeter taste. 

The taste of soju is unique and different from other alcoholic beverages.

Does soju taste like sprite?

No, Soju does not taste like a sprite; however, the packaging resembles sprite or 7-up. Soju is often consumed with mixers, and these sodas are among the most popular choices. 

Why does soju taste like rubbing alcohol?

Do you feel like rubbing alcohol after taking soju, then there are a few reasons why it happens.

When it comes to soju, there are two schools of thought: those who enjoy its unique flavor and those who find it off-putting.

First, rubbing alcohol is made from ethanol, which is also the main ingredient in soju. 

Second, soju is often distilled multiple times, contributing to its potent taste.

Third, many brands of soju add flavors to their products, such as fruit or herbal extracts, which can somewhat mask the taste of the alcohol. 

How to drink soju like a Pro

Here are some tips on What is the proper way to drink soju? 

1. Don’t drink it too fast. Soju is meant to be sipped, not chugged. If you down it too quickly, you’ll feel lightheaded and dizzy.

2. Pair it with food. Soju goes great with Korean BBQ or any other type of grilled meats. The salty and savory flavors of the food help offset the soju’s sweetness.

3. Drink it cold. This will help to numb your throat and prevent you from coughing when you take a sip.

4. Don’t pour your own drink. In Korea, it’s considered rude to pour your own drink. Let your host or server do the pouring for you.

5. Don’t refill your own glass. Similar to pouring your own drink, it’s considered rude to refill your own glass. You should wait for somebody else to do it for you.

6. Finish your drink before leaving the table. It’s considered bad manners to leave a half-finished drink behind.

7. Use two hands when giving or receiving a soju shot. In Korea, it is considered courteous to use both hands when offering or receiving anything.

Following these tips, you’ll be able to drink soju like a pro in no time!


What does soju smell like?

Soju usually smells like a mix of vodka and rubbing alcohol. It can also have a slightly sweet or fruity scent, but this varies depending on the brand.

Is soju stronger than vodka?

Soju is technically not as strong as vodka but similar to vodka.

Does soju get you drunk?

Soju is Korean alcohol that is typically made from rice. It is a distilled spirit and is usually around 20% alcohol. So, yes, drinking soju can absolutely get you drunk.
If you are not used to drinking hard liquor, we recommend starting with just one shot of soju. And then, if you feel like you can handle it, go for two shots. But always remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive!

Does soju get you drunk?

Soju is Korean alcohol that is typically made from rice. It is a distilled spirit and is usually around 20% alcohol. So, yes, drinking soju can absolutely get you drunk. 

If you are not used to drinking hard liquor, we recommend starting with just one shot of soju. And then, if you feel like you can handle it, go for two shots. But always remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive!

Keep fighting 🙂

Is soju suitable for a beginner?

Yes, soju is a good choice for anyone who is just starting to drink alcohol. It is relatively low in alcohol content and has a smooth, mellow flavor that is easy to drink. 

Additionally, soju is often served with food, which can help to ease the effects of alcohol.

Why do you shake soju?

When we visited Korea, we noticed that Koreans frequently shake soju in a metal container to create a more delicate mist. This makes it easier to drink and more visually appealing when served.

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