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Havarti is a versatile semi-soft Danish cheese popular for its unique buttery flavor and melting texture. The creaminess makes it perfect for slicing and using on sandwiches or crackers. 

And Now you wonder- what does Havarti cheese taste like? So, we are here to give you a more detailed description of what Havarti cheese tastes like and some tips on enjoying it more deliciously.

About Havarti cheese and what does Havarti cheese taste like?

As we mentioned above, it is a semi-soft cheese that makes from Danish cow’s milk that originated in Denmark and aged for 3 months. Havarti is formerly known as Danish Tilsiter, similar look like German tilsiter.


Havarti cheese has a white to pale yellow color. It’s smooth and creamy with small irregular holes throughout. 


When we take a small portion of Havarti cheese, it has a mild, buttery flavor; slowly mouth becomes very sweet and has a slightly tangy aftertaste that we can say is reminiscent of a cross between Swiss and Cheddar cheeses, obviously with a buttery aroma.

The taste of Havarti cheese intensifies as it ages but remains relatively mild when compared to other cheeses. We also tasted aged Havarti; the longer the cheese, the saltier and stronger the hazelnut feeling. 


Havarti cheese has a smooth, very creamy texture that makes it easy to slice and spread. The small holes give it just enough firmness to hold its shape when cut into thin slices. 

Now that you know what Havarti cheese tastes like let’s talk about how to enjoy it.

One of the most preferred ways to serve Havarti is thinly sliced on crackers or bread. It can also be used in recipes such as macaroni and cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches in place of other varieties of cheese.

Here are a few other ideas for enjoying Havarti: 

-Sliced Havarti makes a great addition to salads or sandwiches. 

-Havarti can be melted and used as a sauce for pasta or vegetables. 

-Try cubes of Havarti as part of a fruit and cheese plate. 

-Pair Havarti with white wine, light beer, or sparkling water for a refreshing drink pairing. 

-For a quick and easy appetizer, roll thin slices of Havarti around fresh grapes or sliced apples, then serve with light crackers or baguette slices.

-for something more robust, melt Havarti over roasted vegetables or use it in place of mozzarella on your next pizza night.

What does Dill Havarti cheese taste like?

Dill Havarti cheese has a mild, creamy flavor with subtle hints of dill. The texture is soft, smooth, and creamy, with a hint of chewiness. 

When melted, it becomes gooey and slightly stretchy, making it the perfect addition to a grilled cheese sandwich or melted over a warm baguette. 

Dill Havarti cheese has a mild, creamy flavor with subtle hints of dill. The texture is soft, smooth, and creamy, with a hint of chewiness. 
Dill Havarti cheese

Dill Havarti is a delicious addition to any cheese platter, delightful on its own or paired with crackers and fresh vegetables. And don’t forget to try it in cooked dishes like macaroni and cheese or omelets for an extra burst of flavor. 

Overall, Dill Havarti offers just the right balance of savory dill and creamy cheese- a definite must-try for any cheese lover.

Does Havarti cheese taste like Gouda?

Havarti and Gouda are both delicious, creamy cheeses, but they do have distinct flavor profiles. 

Havarti has a mild buttery taste with subtle citrus notes, while Gouda has a nuttier, slightly sweeter taste. 

That said, they do share some similarities in texture. They can both be enjoyed on their own or melted on sandwiches and other dishes and used interchangeably.

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Does Havarti cheese taste like swiss cheese?

Yes. Havarti cheese and Swiss cheese taste similar creamy with small holes scattered throughout and a hint of sweet-acidic.

Is Havarti similar to Cheddar?

Cheddar tends to have a sharp and tangy taste, and Havarti is milder, slightly sweet, and buttery in flavor. Both have a sharp, tangy flavor with a note of hazelnut that becomes more pronounced with age. 

Havarti vs cheddar

In terms of appearance, Cheddar can range from white to orange in color and hard, while Havarti is consistently pale yellow and soft creamy. 

Another key difference is the way they melt; Cheddar shreds or gets stringy when melted, while Havarti stays smooth and creamy. 

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What is Havarti cheese similar to?

Havarti cheese is often compared to a creamy version of Swiss, gouda, or Gruyere due to its buttery, delicate flavor and smooth texture. And cheddar for its aged hazelnut note.

Is Havarti good cheese?

When it comes to creamy cheeses, Havarti is a top contender. Its smooth texture and buttery flavor make it a favorite for sandwiches and cheese platters. 

The aged versions have a subtle nuttiness that pairs well with a crisp white wine, while the creamy versions have just enough tang to balance out sweeter jams and fruits.

Whether you choose to melt it on a hot sandwich or simply enjoy it on crackers, 
Havarti is a delicious addition to any meal. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth trying for any cheese lover.

What does Havarti cheese go with?

When paired with wine, Havarti is a versatile cheese that goes well with both light, floral whites and bold reds. 

For a heartier option, try it with a dark beer like stout or porter. The creamy texture of Havarti also pairs well with fruits like grapes, apples, and apricots, making it a delicious addition to a summer cheese board. 

Its mild flavor pairs well with smoked meats like ham or bacon and can add an interesting twist to sandwiches or grilled paninis. 

Overall, Havarti’s versatility allows it to complement a variety of dishes and be the star player in any cheese platter.

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