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If you’re searching for a restaurant with delicious gluten-free menu options, look no further than Red Robin! With a variety of gluten-free selections, dining at Red Robin is a convenient and enjoyable experience for those with gluten sensitivities. Whether you’re in the mood for a juicy burger or a satisfying meal, their gluten-free menu has something for everyone to enjoy.

In this section, we’ll explore the diverse range of gluten-free options available at Red Robin, giving you a taste of their delectable offerings. From burgers to meals, their gluten-free menu choices are sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you feeling satisfied and content.

Join us as we dive into the world of gluten-free dining at Red Robin!

Red Robin’s Gluten-Free Menu Selection

Red Robin is committed to ensuring that every customer has a delightful dining experience. Their gluten-free menu is extensive, offering a range of options for those with gluten sensitivities. Let’s take a look at some of the gluten-free options available at Red Robin:

Burgers Meals Other Options
• Red’s Tavern Double Burger • Grilled Chicken • Side Salad
• Simply Grilled Chicken Burger • Ensenada Chicken Platter • Steamed Vegetables
• Keep It Simple Burger • Sirloin • Fruit Cup

Red Robin also offers gluten-free buns for their burgers, making it easy for those with gluten sensitivities to enjoy a classic burger. Additionally, they provide a separate prep area and fryer for gluten-free items to avoid cross-contamination.

Next, we’ll explore the experience of enjoying gluten-free meals at Red Robin, so stay tuned.

Enjoying Gluten-Free Meals at Red Robin

Suppose you’re looking for a gluten-free dining experience that doesn’t compromise on taste and variety. In that case, Red Robin is the perfect place for you! The restaurant offers a comprehensive menu catering to gluten-free eaters.

Red Robin’s gluten-free menu encompasses appetizers, entrees, salads, and sides, giving a wide range of choices. The menu further provides options for those with dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian and vegan gluten-free options.

But what sets Red Robin apart are the gluten-free burgers! With classic options like the Royal Red Robin and Whiskey River BBQ, you won’t even miss the traditional gluten-filled buns. The restaurant uses lettuce wraps as an alternative, which adds a refreshing twist to the burger while staying true to its original tanginess and flavor.

Additionally, Red Robin offers a variety of gluten-free toppings, including guacamole, pineapple, and fried egg, so you can build your perfect burger.

And if you thought that was it, Red Robin even has gluten-free buns! They’re pre-packaged and individually wrapped for added protection, ensuring they remain gluten-free until they reach your table.

So next time you’re in the mood for a delectable gluten-free burger, head to Red Robin for an unforgettable gastronomical experience.

The Red Robin Gluten-Free Menu:

Burgers Appetizers Entrees
Chili Chili Cheeseburger Guacamole, Salsa & Chips Aristocrat Salad
Mad Love Burger Whiskey RIver BBQ Wings Balsamic Chicken Salad
Keep It Simple Burger Baja Dip ‘N’ Chips Simply Grilled Chicken
Citrus Harissa Salmon Burger Famous Fries & Knots Ensenada Chicken Platter

*Please note that menu items and ingredients may vary by location. Be sure to let your server know about your dietary restrictions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


Red Robin offers an extensive and delicious range of gluten-free meals. From their burgers to other menu items, anyone with gluten sensitivities can enjoy a satisfying dining experience at Red Robin. The gluten-free menu options are clearly labeled, making it easy to order.

The restaurant staff are trained to cater to your dietary needs and will ensure your meal is prepared appropriately. At Red Robin, you can relax and enjoy your meal without the worry of cross-contamination.

So, if you’re looking for a gluten-free meal that doesn’t compromise on flavor and taste, give Red Robin a try. Their gluten-free meals are a real treat for anyone with sensitivities.

Visit Red Robin today and indulge in their gluten-free meals. You won’t be disappointed!

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Are there gluten-free options available on Red Robin’s menu?

Yes, Red Robin offers a variety of gluten-free options on their menu to cater to those with gluten sensitivities. From burgers to meals, there are tasty choices for everyone.

How can I identify gluten-free menu items at Red Robin?

Red Robin has a dedicated gluten-free menu that clearly identifies the gluten-free options. You can ask for the gluten-free menu in-store or check it out on their website for a convenient overview of the available choices.

What are some popular gluten-free options at Red Robin?

Red Robin offers gluten-free burgers made with delicious gluten-free buns, so you can still savor their signature burgers without the gluten. Additionally, they have gluten-free salads, appetizers, and other meals to satisfy various cravings and dietary needs.

Can I customize my gluten-free order at Red Robin?

Absolutely! Red Robin is known for its customizable options, and the same applies to their gluten-free menu. You can customize your gluten-free meal by adding or removing toppings and ingredients to suit your preferences.

Does Red Robin take precautions to prevent cross-contamination with gluten?

Red Robin takes precautions to minimize the risk of cross-contamination in their kitchens. They have specific protocols in place to ensure the safety of their gluten-free menu items. However, it’s always a good idea to inform your server about any dietary restrictions or allergies you have to ensure the utmost precautions are taken.

Can I find gluten-free desserts at Red Robin?

Yes, Red Robin offers gluten-free dessert options to satisfy your sweet tooth. Their gluten-free sundae is a popular choice for those looking for a sweet treat after their meal.

Are the gluten-free menu items at Red Robin delicious?

Absolutely! Red Robin understands the importance of flavor and taste, and their gluten-free options are no exception. Whether it’s their savory gluten-free burgers or their flavorful gluten-free meals, you can expect tasty choices that won’t compromise on flavor.

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