Pink Drink Prices at Starbucks Revealed

The price of the Pink Drink at Starbucks has recently been revealed, causing buzz among customers. Starting May 9, 2021, customers will be charged an additional $1 if they customize their Pink Drink by asking for no water. This customization requires extra ingredients, leading to the price increase.

The Pink Drink is a popular fruity refresher made with tropical juices, dried fruit inclusions, water, lemonade, and sometimes coconut milk. While some customers have expressed disappointment with the price hike on social media, Starbucks has justified the extra charge as being consistent with other beverage customizations that incur additional fees. It’s important to note that light or no ice customizations can still be made free of charge.

Key Takeaways:

  • Starbucks has announced a $1 price increase for customizations of the Pink Drink without water, starting May 9, 2021.
  • This customization requires extra ingredients, leading to the additional charge.
  • Customers can still customize their Pink Drink with light or no ice without incurring any extra fees.
  • Some customers have expressed disappointment with the price hike, while Starbucks argues it is consistent with other customization charges.
  • Starbucks continues to offer a variety of coffee drinks and periodically introduces special promotions and limited-edition beverages.

The Pink Drink and Customer Reactions

The Pink Drink is one of the available flavors in Starbucks’ lineup of Refreshers beverages. Alongside flavors like Pineapple Passionfruit and Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade, the Pink Drink has gained popularity among Starbucks’ customers. However, with the recent increase in price for customizations, there has been a mixed reaction from customers.

Some have expressed their frustration over the already high prices of Starbucks’ drinks, while others have mentioned that they may no longer purchase the Pink Drink due to the extra cost. Several Starbucks employees have also expressed concern about potential customer backlash. The price increase for customizing the Pink Drink without water will take effect on May 9, 2021.

Other Starbucks Offerings and Valentine’s Day Promotion

In addition to the Pink Drink, Starbucks offers a variety of coffee drinks with different flavors and options for customization. Whether you prefer a classic espresso-based beverage like the Caffè Americano or a creamy latte infused with flavors like vanilla or caramel, Starbucks has something to satisfy every coffee lover’s taste buds. With a wide range of options for milk choices, sweetness levels, and add-ons like whipped cream, you can tailor your Starbucks drink to suit your preferences perfectly.

Starbucks also loves to surprise and delight their customers with special promotions and limited-edition beverages. One such exciting promotion was their Valentine’s Day offer, a perfect way to celebrate the romantic holiday. From February 6 to 14, customers could indulge in the delightful combination of the Pink Drink with Chocolate Cream Cold Foam. This limited-time pairing brought together the refreshing fruity flavors of the Pink Drink with the rich and decadent taste of chocolate, creating a truly indulgent treat for the senses.

To make the Valentine’s Day experience even more convenient for their customers, Starbucks partnered with Uber Eats. Using a specific code, customers could enjoy a generous discount of 50% off (up to $10) on their Starbucks orders placed through the Uber Eats app. This provided a fantastic opportunity for customers to surprise their loved ones with a special Starbucks delivery, spreading love and joy in a delicious way.

Alongside these offerings, Starbucks also released a collection of Valentine’s Day merchandise. From cute mugs featuring heartwarming designs to stylish tumblers that can be used on the go, these drinkware items were a thoughtful alternative to traditional Valentine’s Day gifts like flowers. With their practicality and charming aesthetics, they allowed customers to express their affection in a unique and lasting way.

Starbucks takes great pride in continuously surprising their customers with new flavors, creative promotions, and delightful experiences. Whether it’s a seasonal drink, a limited-time offer, or an exclusive collaboration, Starbucks is always dedicated to bringing joy and excitement to their loyal coffee enthusiasts. Keep an eye out for their upcoming offerings and be ready to embark on a delicious journey with Starbucks.


The Pink Drink at Starbucks has become a popular choice among customers, known for its refreshing taste. However, the recent $1 price increase for customizations without water has sparked discussions and mixed reactions. While Starbucks justifies the extra charge due to the additional ingredients required, some customers have expressed disappointment.

It’s important for customers to be aware of these pricing changes before making a purchase decision. The Pink Drink, with its new pricing, may no longer be considered a cost-effective choice by some customers, who may explore other options. Starbucks understands the importance of price sensitivity and will continue to review and adjust pricing strategies accordingly.

Despite the pricing concerns surrounding the Pink Drink, Starbucks remains committed to offering a wide variety of beverages and promotions to cater to different preferences. From limited-edition flavors to seasonal specials, Starbucks strives to provide an array of choices beyond the Pink Drink. Customers can expect ongoing innovation to enhance their Starbucks experience, ensuring that there is always something new and exciting to try.

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