16 Best Fish That Taste Like Lobster

In our years as taste reviewers, we have heard many people ask the question, “Is there a fish that tastes like lobster?” 

The answer to this question is yes.

Many types of fish exhibit similar textures and flavors to lobster, making them an excellent alternative for those who are allergic to seafood or just want to replace their usual lobster meal with one of these five delicious (and more affordable) options.

Best Fish That Taste Like Lobster- In Detail

Monkfish taste like Lobster

As someone with many years of experience as a food reviewer, we can say without hesitation that monkfish taste remarkably similar to lobster in terms of taste and texture if you’re looking for a seafood New England-style meal. 

Their firm flesh and rich, sweet flavor make them a favorite choice among seafood aficionados, and they are well-known for their versatility in the kitchen.

Whether grilled or seared, poached or steamed and served with clarified butter making, monkfish always seems to produce an incredibly decadent mouthfeel. 

Given its similarities with lobster, it should come as no surprise that some chefs actually use monkfish in place of lobster in their lobster dishes. 

Some Delicious Whitefish that tastes like lobster

Luckily, several whitefish options deliver the same flavors and textures as lobster at a fraction of the cost. Here are five such fish that tastes like a lobster:

1. Cod

Cod is the number one whitefish that taste like lobster. Cod has a mild flavor with hints of sweetness.

Cod has a smooth and creamy texture that mimics the feel of a fresh lobster tail. It also has a mild yet savory flavor reminiscent of freshly steamed lobster meat. 

Moreover, cod cooks quickly, so it can be prepared in much less time than traditional lobster dishes. 

When prepared with a flavorful broth and served over rice or pasta, this humble fish takes wonderfully savory notes reminiscent of tender pieces of lobster meat.

2. Tuna

Another flaky white fish option with a subtle flavor profile, tuna offers many of the same benefits as cod in terms of ease of preparation and availability at most local supermarkets. 

However, compared to cod, tuna shines in its versatility—it works well in everything from casseroles to sashimi. Also, it lends itself nicely to grilling if you’re looking for something a little heartier.

tuna fish taste also same as lobster

Regardless of how you decide to use it, tuna is sure to deliver all the delectable umami notes you’ve been craving since you set your eyes on this enticing member of the sea’s finest delicacies!

3. Halibut

Halibut is another sweet flavor white fish that makes a great stand-in for lobster. 

It’s similar in firm texture to monkfish but not quite as strongly flavored, making it a good option if you’re looking for something that’s closer to lobster in taste. 

Halibut can be grilled, baked, roasted, or even poached. You can add it to your sushi rolls because of its mild taste. 

4. Grouper- Florida Fish that tastes like Lobster

Grouper is another type of fish with a similar taste and texture to lobster. It’s a bit firmer than monkfish, making it ideal for fish tacos or ceviche dishes. Grouper is also quite versatile; it can be grilled, baked, or even broiled.

5. Red Snapper

Try red snapper if you’re looking for something a bit lighter than monkfish or grouper. This type of fish still has a fairly firm texture but is not as oily as other types of seafood. 

Red snapper is often baked or pan-fried and served with lemon juice or other light sauces.

6. Tilapia

Tilapia is a mild-flavored fish that many people enjoy because it’s not too “fishy.” 

It has a slightly sweet taste and flaky texture, making it a good choice for those new to eating seafood. Tilapia can be baked, grilled, fried, or even sauteed. 

7.Sea Bass

Sea bass is another type of fish with a similar taste and texture to lobster meat. This fish is often used in fine dining restaurants because of its delicate flavor. Sea bass can be baked, grilled, or steamed.

8. Skate Fish

Another excellent option for anyone looking for that distinctive lobster-like taste is skate. Skate does have some tough cartilage in its flesh that takes some getting used to. Still, its lightly salted, almost smoky flavor more than makes up for this unusual texture. 

And although it may not look very appetizing raw, skate can be cooked in numerous ways, such as pan-fried or poached and served with garlicky butter sauce or white wine reduction, just like you would prepare your favorite type of lobster dish.

Freshwater fish that taste like lobster

When we were first approached to review a line of freshwater fish that were said to taste just like lobster, we admitted that we were skeptical. 

There are numerous freshwater fish that taste similar to lobster. Some of the most popular and well-known, such as salmon and trout, have been praised by food connoisseurs worldwide for their rich buttery flavor. 

Another delicious option is carp, which offers a slightly milder flavor profile that is reminiscent of a classic lobster dinner. 

Others include catfish, tilapia, and bream, all highlighted for their tender texture and succulent taste. 

Red Fish that Taste like Lobster

When it comes to seafood, few fish can compare to redfish in terms of taste and versatility. 

These large saltwater fish have a firm texture that is similar to lobster but with a delicate sweetness and subtle briny flavor. 

Although redfish has been famous for years in many parts of the world, it hasn’t always been easy to find. 

Whether grilled, roasted, or sautéed, redfish makes an excellent addition to any seafood dish. With its rich and savory flavors, this versatile and nutrient-packed fish really does taste like lobster! 

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Alaska Fish That Tastes Like Lobster 

Alaska fish, the Chinook salmon, is known for tasting remarkably like lobster. This flavorful fish can be prepared in many ways, from simple pan-frying to grilling at high temperatures. 

Some Other Fish Names That Taste similar to Lobster


This giant mollusk produces tender, rich flesh that tastes quite similar to succulent shellfish such as lobster or crab. 

Because abalone can be quite expensive depending on where you live, using it sparingly in recipes is recommended so you can really savor those delicious flavors without breaking the bank.


With its firm flesh and lightly sweet flavor profile, rockfish makes an excellent stand-in for less expensive seafood like catfish or tilapia when it comes to recipes like chowder or stewed clams. 

Because rockfish also holds together well during cooking and has a pleasing texture once fully cooked, it’s one of the best fish for anyone looking to experiment with dish substitutions without compromising taste or texture.

Tile Fish that Taste like Lobster

Tilefish is a delicacy that many seafood lovers consider to be on par with lobster in terms of flavor and texture. 

These fish are renowned for their sweet taste and tender flesh, which is the perfect complement to a wide range of sauces and seasonings. 

As someone who has had the pleasure of trying tilefish, I can attest to its incredible flavor and unrivaled quality. 


Burbot almost tastes like lobster. However, as soon as we took my first bite, all our doubts melted away. The meaty texture and subtle sweetness were incomparable, evoking summertime memories at the beach and indulgent lobster dinners under the stars. 

Burbot definitely lives up to its reputation as the “lobster of freshwater” cuisine, with such a distinct and exquisite flavor. Burbot is a must-try if you’re seeking an unforgettable culinary experience!

How to make fish taste like lobster?

There are numerous theories on how to make fish.

Some recommend adding acid to your cooking water, such as lemon juice or white wine; others advocate grinding up shellfish and using it as a seasoning before frying the fish. 

While these methods may result in a more lobster-like flavor, one tried-and-true method consistently produces the best results: poaching the fish in melted butter with aromatics such as onions, garlic, and fennel.

By creating a flavorful broth that infuses into every inch of the fish’s flesh, this technique not only imparts a rich seafood flavor but also brings out the natural sweetness and incomparable texture of this delectable creature from the sea. 

So if you’re looking for truly mouthwatering fish with all of the qualities of a true lobster dish, look no further than poaching in hot butter!

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What fish is poor man’s lobster?

The fish that is often referred to as a “poor man’s lobster” is the humble monkfish. This small sea creature has a firm, tender texture that is reminiscent of lobster meat, and it also boasts a rich flavor that is similarly salty and savory. 

While monkfish can be found in many coastal areas, they are most popularly eaten in regions with large populations of fishermen. They are often viewed as a cheap and accessible alternative to traditional seafood delicacies like lobster and crab. 

What fish eats lobster and shrimp?

So when it comes to fish that eats lobster and shrimp, you might wonder which species does this? 

Well, some fish have a particular affinity for these delectable sea creatures: the fearsome barracuda, Atlantic or pacific cod, ocean pout, dogfish, and flounder

Which fish has less of a fishy taste?

A few different types of fish are known for having less of a “fishy” taste. These include Tilapia, Cod, and Haddock.
Each variety of fish has a distinct flavor, so experiment with a few different types to find which one you prefer.

Personally, I have found that trout tends to be one of the least fishy options available. The meat is moist and flaky, with a mild flavor that nicely complements salty seasonings like soy sauce and lemon. 

When it comes to preparation, baked or grilled fish is often said to have a less fishy flavor than fried fish. If you are looking for a fish with a milder flavor, you may want to try one of these types.

Which Fish Has a Texture Similar to That of Lobster?

Monkfish, Cod, Halibut, Grouper, Tilapia, Sea bass, Redfish, and Rockfish- all have a similar texture to lobster.

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