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Contessa Rum price in India: Hey! Are you trying to find out what is the cost of Contessa XXX rum Price in the Indian Market?

Contessa Rum which is popularly known as the “Queen of Rum” is available in 180ML 375ML 500ML 750ML 1000ML & 1500ML package.

As with many dark rums, Contessa XXX Rum is likely to have a complex flavor profile, with notes of caramel, molasses, and sometimes hints of spices.

Contessa XXX Rum is primarily readily accessible in areas where Radico Khaitan products are sold, and its availability varies by location. So let’s check Contessa rum price in India whether it is costly or under budget.

Contessa Rum Price in India

BrandSizePrice Rs.
Contessa Classic Rum in India500ML₹450
Contessa Classic Rum in India1000ML₹910
Radico Contessa White Rum in India375ML₹310
Radico Contessa White Rum in India500ML₹430
Radico Contessa White Rum in India1000L₹880
Contessa XXX Rum Price in India180ML₹120
Contessa XXX Rum Price in India375ML₹240
Contessa XXX Rum Price in India500ML₹300
Contessa XXX Rum Price in India750ML₹470
Contessa XXX Rum Price in India1000ML₹660
Contessa XXX Rum Price in India1500ML₹680
Contessa White Rum Price in India180ML₹150
Contessa White Rum Price in India375ML₹280
Contessa White Rum Price in India500ML₹350
Contessa White Rum Price in India750ML₹580
Contessa White Rum Price in India1000ML₹700

Contessa Rum 750ML Price in India | Contessa 750ML Price

Contessa Rum Price 750MLPrice INR.
Contessa Rum 750ml Price in APRs.450
Contessa 750ml Price In AgraRs.750
Contessa 750ml Price In AssamRs.550
Contessa XXX Rum 750ml Price In Army CanteenRs.350
Contessa Price In Bangalore 750MLRs.750
Contessa 750Ml Price in ChandigarhRs.710
Contessa XXX 750ml Price in ChennaiRs.750
Contessa Rum 750ml Price in DelhiRs.550
Contessa Rum 750ml Price in GoaRs.450
Contessa Rum 750ml Price in GurgaonRs. 550
Contessa Rum 750ml Price in KolkataRs. 550
Contessa Rum 750ml Price in MaharashtraRs. 330
Contessa Rum 750ml Price in MumbaiRs. 350
Contessa Rum 750ml Price in PuneRs. 350
Contessa Rum 750ml Price in Tamil NaduRs. 710
contessa rum price in Jammu 750MLRs. 515

About Contessa Rum

Name of the RumContessa XXX Rum
ManufacturerRadico Khaitan Ltd.
ABV42.8% V/V
PALATEwarm and mellow
AROMAvanilla, caramel, spices, oak, and sometimes fruity or floral undertones
AVAILABLE IN180ml, 375ml, 750ml

Radico Khaitan is one of India’s largest spirits enterprises, producing a wide variety of alcoholic beverages such as whisky, rum, brandy, vodka, and gin.

Radico Khaitan was founded in 1943 and is based in New Delhi, India. Rampur Indian Single Malt Whisky, 8 PM Whisky, Magic Moments Vodka, and Contessa XXX Rum are among its most popular brands.

Contessa XXX Rum is classified as a dark rum. Due to lengthier maturing times in wooden barrels, dark rums frequently have a deeper and more powerful flavor character.

The rum is typically sold in a variety of bottle sizes, and the packaging may feature unusual labeling and branding to help it stand out in the market.

What does Contessa Rum Taste Like?

The flavor of Contessa XXX Rum is subjective and varies according on personal preferences and experiences. However, dark rums, such as Contessa XXX Rum, typically have a deep and nuanced flavor profile. Here are some features that are frequently linked with black rums:

Dense and Full-Bodied: Dark rums have a more powerful and full-bodied flavor than lighter rums. They may have a viscosity and weight on the tongue.

Sweetness: Dark rums frequently include sweet overtones, suggestive of caramel, toffee, molasses, or brown sugar. The sweetness varies, and some rums have a more noticeable sugary flavor.

Oak and spice:

Dark rums, particularly those aged in wooden barrels for a longer period of time, may develop subtle spice aromas and undertones of oak. The barrel aging process contributes to the creation of extra complexity.

Undertones of fruit and vanilla:

Some dark rums may have overtones of dried fruits, vanilla, or even chocolate. These subtleties might add taste layers to the overall profile.

Finishing Touches:

A smooth and lingering finish is frequently associated with high-quality black rums. The aging process aids in flavor integration and the formation of a well-rounded taste.

Individual taste judgments might vary, therefore the only way to discover the unique flavor profile of Contessa XXX Rum is to try it for yourself.

Conclusion Contessa XXX Rum Price in India

Radico Khaitan Limited’s Contessa XXX Rum is well-known in the Indian spirits market for its rich and nuanced flavor profile typical of black rums. Notes of caramel, molasses, spices, and a silky finish are common flavors.

In terms of rising prices, alcoholic beverages, including rum, are prone to price variations caused by a variety of factors such as manufacturing costs, raw material prices, taxation laws, and market demand.

If Contessa Rum’s price is rising, it could be due to causes such as the company’s investment in quality ingredients, maturing methods, or pricing modifications in reaction to market dynamics.


Is Contessa rum good or bad?

Radico Khaitan Limited’s Contessa XXX Rum is noted for having a dark rum with a deep and nuanced flavor profile.

It frequently has caramel, molasses, and spice flavors. Some people may prefer its smooth finish and overall experience, especially in cocktails or when sipped neat or on the rocks.

What is Contessa rum made of?

Contessa Rum, the most prestigious of all rums, is produced from fermented sugarcane.

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